We are a firm of Architects, Structural, MEP Engineers & Technical Specialists working across every aspect of project implementation to keep footprints for posterity.

Who we are

image of ashok kumar chattopadhyay

The company took birth in 2008 under the nurturing leadership of Mr.Ashok Kumar Chattopadhyay, a Chartered Engineer and having experience of 49 years in various types of Industrial, Infrastructure, Residential and Commercial projects. The years of experience in the industry have made the team capable of taking total responsibility of the project and become a one-stop shop to provide total solutions. TEC has been able to inspire confidence in the minds of clients about reliability and dependability on the services provided by TEC .
TEC believes in being "fluid" in nature to take shape of client's desire and together we work out solutions for most complex challenges - turning exciting ideas into tangible reality as we strive to find a better way and shape a better tomorrow.

TEC has achieved and created a niche in the consulting field to be the most responsive and dependable firm in the industry. Board of Directors decided to start another sister concern Taamra Engineering Consultants India Private Limited to cater for the projects in South Mumbai while existing team of TEC engineers remained the same. New company is providing the consultancy services for in-house projects while TEC is trying to take care of other projects. The core team of TEC has been involved in strengthening the country’s infrastructure and consulting arena for quiet many decades.
TEC has its consortium approach to projects where it would work with a panel of specialists and partner companies from India as well as abroad to provide the best services to its clients.
TEC ambitious plan is to rank as one of the leading consultants in country.

Our Mission

Develop neat and seamless partnership with client

Update the working patterns, methodologies so as to deliver the best responsive and caring services that customers can trust

Increase our knowledge base creating stimulus to acquire advanced and latest technologies

Ensure safety health & environment policy implementation



Providing complete and wide range of services together as a package in a strategic, marketing, technological and engineering aspects. This integrated approach supported by experienced engineers enables us to provide unique solutions to our clients.


Assisting our clients to implement the integrated solutions through communication, cooperation and coordination, which help to develop a mutually beneficial, acceptable and congenial end results.


Above all, TEC puts emphasis on meeting the highest quality standards and to work as an independent private company, working with own tools and systems, offering a neutral and unprejudiced consulting services.


Certification is done by First Quality Certification Private Limited as approved by
International Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle D-ZM-19276-01-00 Rat (DAR).

Providing Quality is the motto and the hallmark of TEC which is further taken forward by obtaining ISO 9001:2008 & later ISO 9001:2015 certificates for consultancy services in Project management Services for Industrial, Residential, Hospitality, Health Care Project and Engineering Designs in various Disciplines namely, Architectural, Structural and Electrical and Mechanical including Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning and preparation of Drawings and Documnents for PRE & POST Construction for ongoing and conclusion of a project.