"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Architects shape the world around us – By designing civic landmarks to high-rise city skylines – with responsibility for developing facilities that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsive. Architects specialize in planning, designing and imaginative creation of space which enables them to see through the smoke screen to culminate the big picture in reality which generates exclamation of “WOW” from the beholders. This results into commercial plus points for the Project Implementing Authority.TEC works with clients in tandem to make ‘Dreams come True’.

Stage wise Process may be appended below:
Stage I : Architectural, Schematic & Conceptual design in keeping with the dreams of owner.
Stage II : Architectural Design Basis Report in line with the Local Statutory Authority.
Stage III : Get the inputs from Structural & MEP designer and incorporate those in Initial drawings for plans, Elevations, and Sections etc. for the Statutory Architect to start preparing drawings for statutory approval taking into account on the allowable criterias.
Stage IV : Ensure MOEF, HRC, NOC’s are available and all the statutory stipulations taken care of.
Stage V : On getting clearance from Statutory Architect, detailed & ‘Good For Construction’ Drawings are prepared for taking up the work at site.
Stage VI : Overall and Stage inspections during Execution and Completion
Stage VII : Get the architectural "AS BUILT DRAWING"