Workflow of TEC

Our Work Flow

We follow a very simple process of work flow. On acceptance of the Job, a ‘Project Protocol’ is prepared deciding on ‘Single Point’ coordinator and person/persons from respective departments to handle specific areas. The Project Coordinator is the face of the company fronting the client and authorities. TEC has the process in taking feedback from client periodically to ensure delivery as intended.

Quality System

Drawings, irrespective of the department producing the drawing, will go through the architect who will ensure the documentation and compatibility of the requirements of client and the drawings delivered. A quick deliberation on the drawing among Coordinator, Departmental Head and specific person leads to consistency and acceptability. On approval drawing is given to Co-ordinator for issue and such Transmittals are marked to Technical and Project Head.
Project Director as a routine will review with the Coordinator if required on quality issues and Sticking to time lines.
Similarly all other documents will go through the process and issued through Head of Procurement Cell.
PMC team has specific formats for reporting and Project Co-ordinator handles the same and reports to Project Head.
Project Head gives presentation to Executive Director every Month.

We, at TEC, uphold the quality aspects in Design, Engineering, Standards, Methodologies in execution of projects undertaken by us through Education and training program for all the team members in the organization.